Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Work in Digital Audio Effects: Analysis of Digital Audio Effects Using Simulink and C6713 DSK

The work was presented at NCOIET'11 at Kongu Engineering College , Erode.
The entire work was done in the DSP lab of MESCE under the complete guidance of Prof. Edet Bijoy, Dept. of ECE.
Abstract: This paper shows the implementation of the echo and reverberation effects using the TI’s C6713 DSK. The effects are simulated using Simulink. Those simulation models are used to generate the DSP code for the real-time implementation. Echo and Reverberation are two of the simplest applications of Digital Signal Processing. Artificial Reverberation is one of the most interesting DSP applications in music preparation. If the
individual channels are simply added together, the resulting piece sounds frail and diluted, much as if the musicians were playing outdoors. This is because listeners are greatly influenced by the echo or reverberation content of the music, which is usually minimized in the sound studio. DSP allows artificial echoes and reverberation to be added during mix down to simulate various deal listening environments. Echoes with delays of a few hundred milliseconds give the impression of cathedral like locations. Adding echoes with delays of 10-20 milliseconds provide the perception of more modest size listening rooms.

Keywords- echo, reverberation, simulink, C6713 DSK.

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