Sunday, March 13, 2011

IEEE India Industry Day 2011

A grand conference was held at the Chancery Pavilion on 10th and 11th of March, where the students got a chance to meet the Industries of India. The event was a great source of exposure for the students. Eminent persoalities like Dr. Howard Michel - Vice President-IEEE, Dr. Byeong Gi Lee - IEEE Com Soc President, Prof. Jhing-fa Wan - IEEE R10 Industry Liasion and Companies like Texas Instrumnets, IBM, TCS, Encore Technologies, HUWAIE etc. participated in the conference.

The discussion was basically on "Technology Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing Quality of Life in India"

"India is a great country with great problems; every problem is an opportunity to the engineers" - Dr. Faqir Chand Kohli

The Hotel Chancery Pavilion

At the conference

Delegates from MES College of Engineering

In Smart Energy session Prof. AK Sinha, IITK emphasized the need of a smart power grid in the country and also explained the Phase Measurement Unit along with the normal SCADA  thus allowing easier and accurate measurement of the consumption.

In the consumer electronics Vinay Deshpande (Encore Software) emphasized the need for engineers to come forward for reducing the price of Electronic goods ithout compromising of Quality.
Prof. H S Jamgandi, CEDT, IISc. called for the need of the stuents to come forth to take risks and start up for innovations during their career. If a person in the west could create a Facebook due to a failure in life, Why not Indians?

In the banquet session Mr. Latif Ladid held a session on IPv6 protocol in Indian scenario and stated that the shift has become an urgent necessity.

In the wireless and Broadband session Mr. Asit Kadyan - DOT suggested that the Engineers should look forward to satisfy their basic amenities before introducing the latest technologies.
MESCE with Howard Michel

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